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Creating your "Digital Life Simile."

Create your "Digital Life Simile" after you have completed the reflection assignment.

A simile is a figure of speech that directly compares two things through some connective, usually "like", "as", "than", or a verb such as "resembles".

Assignment:  Create your "Digital Life Simile"

Complete one of the following statements in a way that captures and conveys the role of digital media in your life.

  1. My media life is like a _______________________, becasue __________________________.
  2. My media life is as _________________________ as a __________________________, because _________________________.

 Read some examples to get you started on thinking about your "digital life" simile.

  •  My media life is like a window onto the world, because it allows me to see all kinds of new things and imagine other possibilities.
  • My media life is like a party where I meet a lot of differnt people, because it feels loud, out of control, and yet fun.
  • My media life is as tempting as junk food, becasue I don't always know when to say no.

Assignmnet Directions

  1. Complete the reflection questions.
  2. Create your digital life simile statement.
  3. Create a digital representation of your "digital life simile."  You can use any digital means to create your simile (ipad, ipad app, internet, computer, powerpoint, etc.) Be creative!!

Watch this video to see a sample video of "My Digital Life Simile." digital_life_simile-1_2.flv

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